Thermowell 6,5cm

Thermowell 6,5cm

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Termometerbrønn - gjennomføring til termometer o.l. for sveisefri instalasjon i kjele og spann.
Total lengde 87mm - lengde termowell : 65mm
Benytt 22-24mm bor (7/8")



Weldless Thermowell Kit – 1/2" Female NPT (2" Probe)
This tubular fitting is made from a solid bar stainless steel stock
It is gun drilled to ensure a long, straight, and uninterrupted bore
It is mounted to the process stream by means of threading, welding, or flanging.

This weldless thermowell kit can be added to any pot or kettle into an existing bulkhead or by drilling a 7/8" hole into the brew kettle.
It comes with a 1/2" female pipe fitting for a more compact look as well as easy installation.
Material Stainless Steel 304