Eraclea Pilsnermalt 1 kg Kvernet

2.5 - 4.5 EBC


Weyermann Eraclea pilsnermalt, Basemalt som det kan brukes 100% av i en øl.

Weyermann® Eraclea Pilsner malt is malted from Eraclea premium brewing barley, cultivated in the region of Venetia, Italy. It produced excellent light- to medium-body , Mediterranean pale beers with excellent foam stability. Aroma: malty-sweet with mild noted of honey, harmonizes perfectly with Mediterranean aroma hop varieties from Slovenia. Can be used in up to 100% in Mediterranean Lages and Ales, Pilsner beers, non-alcoholic or alhocol-reduced Beer and as base malt in all other beer styles. Contains gluten.


This terroir malt is produced from premium Eraclea barley grown near the Adriatic Sea northeast of Venice. It has a noticeable malty-sweet aroma with notes of honey. Eraclea Pilsner Malt creates excellent medium-bodied Mediterranean-style pale lagers and ales with perfect stable foam.

The origin of Eraclea Malt

Saatgut Breun developed Eraclea Malt in Bavaria Germany through selective breeding in the 1970’s. Eraclea is a 2-row winter barley that does not do well in the humid growing conditions typical of Bavaria. This barley variety prefers arid conditions and has the important ability of being able to store humidity to sustain growth during the emergence phase.  The terroir of Italy’s Adriatic coast offers perfect conditions for Eraclea Pilsner Malt to flourish, with long sunny days and dry conditions encouraging its growth.