Winter Warmer Ale Muntons Hand Crafted

Winter Warmer Ale

Muntons Hand Crafted

Varenr: 176
5 på lager

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Den berømte Winter Warmer fra Muntons Hand Crafted serie - (Tidligere Santas Winter Warmer) Kan bli ferdig på 3 uker, men blir bedre hvis den lagres et par uker ekstra på flaske.
Home Brew Beer Refill Kit - Makes 36 Pints (ca.17 liter)Muntons Premium Gold Winter Warmer Ale Beer Kit

(Santas Winter Warmer) Fyldig juleøl med litt bitterhet fra humle.


Antall liter: 17
Alkoholstyrke: ca. 5,7 (ABV)
Gjæringstid i bøtte: 7-10 dager
Lagringstid/gjæringstidpå flaske: 4 uker

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A strong, mellow ale balanced with choice aromatic and bittering hops. “I’m sitting here sipping at a fantastic pint of Muntons Winter Warmer, really enjoying it and thinking what a master brewer I am!!Then, I come back to reality and realise that some of the praise must be sent to you guys! I have made a few home brew kits all from different brands, they have been drinkable but have had a distinct ‘home brewed’ after taste. This my first from Muntons and this is different. A great taste and aroma, smooth and very drinkable! Put it this way, if I had bought this in a pub I would be really pleased. I will be a returning customer, thank you.”


Weight (Kg): 3.6kg

Brewing Volume (L): 36 pints / 20 litres

ABV approx (% vol.): 5.7%