Upgrade Kit - Fermenter King Gen 3

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Oppgraderingskit Fermentasaurus G3, hvor du kan oppgradere din gamle Fermentasaurus og Fermentasaurus V2 til G3. medfølger trykksett ( flyteball/slange + inn & utventiler )
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OBS - Åpningen i bunn på din gamle Fermentasaurus må økes fra 44mm til 60mm!
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The Fermenter King Gen 3 is a considerable upgrade from the original Fermentasaursus, featuring an innovative dump valve along with lots of useful add-ons to the Unitank loved by thousands of homebrewers worldwide.

One of the greatest things about the Gen 3 is that it is readily upgradeable. Any homebrewer can get a Gen 3 by upgrading their existing 35L Fermentasaurus!

You'll need to have a few tools and a bit of time to install the upgrade kit. Everything you need is outlined in the instruction manual available in the link below.

The new dump valve is called the Plunger Valve. Compared to the previous Butterfly Dump Valve, it is a simpler, sleeker design that is much easier to disassemble and clean. It is an overall more sanitary dump valve and we believe that it will help brewers brew even better beer than before since sanitation is key to brewing great beer in the first place.

Much like a bung or a sink plug, the Plunger Valve closes off the bottom of the fermenter by being pushed in from the top. The seal is airtight, ensuring nothing enters or leaves the bottom hole. And, with an upward pull, the plunger valve opens the bottom hole, allowing yeast slurry and vegetal matter to fall through. How simple is that!

Our Fermenter King Gen 3 Upgrade Kit Includes:

Cooling coil ports spaces on the lid
CIP spray ball insertion under the lid
In-built thermowell
Liquid transfer/floating dip tube
Tri-Clover fitting compatibility

Instruction Manual available HERE