G3 Fermenter King - 35 liter Generasjon 3 av Fermentasaurus

G3 Fermenter King - 35 liter

Generasjon 3 av Fermentasaurus

Varenr: 2022
19 på lager

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OBS! Stemplingsdato:  Mai 2022 (Bør fylles opp med vann og trykktestes ved førstegangsbruk, samt hvert andre år ved gjevnlig bruk).


Generasjon 3 av den Orginale Fermentasaurus fra Australia. 
Produsert i Australia, og ikke i Kina som andre på markedet.
Markedets beste & orginale unitank i PET.
Trygg & Sikker.
Trykktestet til 5 Bar
Bruksanvisning finner du her. 

G3 Fermenter King. Pressure fermentation with a higher level of control than ever before.

NEW Features:

New Plunger Valve - More sanitary and easy to use!
New Thermowell - Get true liquid temperature readings
New Floating Dip Tube - Fixed central tank position
New dry Hop Port - Wider access lid port for easy dryhopping
New Tri-Clover Compatibility - Attach any number of 2 inch Tri-Clover accessories

Optonal Temp Control - Attach our Temp Control Kit to heat or cool your tank internally
CIP Capable - Attach our Cleaning Kit for easy cleaning without scrubbing
Compatible with Gen 1 collection bottles

Brewers can presurise the vessel up to 35psi to carbonate and dispense direclty from Fermenter King like a keg! Alternativley brewers can transfer under pressure to stainless kegs without oxygen exposure.

Fermenter Body:                 High Molecular Length PET

Fermenter Volume:             35L
Plunge Valve                       304 Stainless 
Frame:                                304 Stainless Frame
Pressure Rated Lid:            304 Stainless Steel Ball Lock Posts, Glass Reinforced Nylon,  2.4 bar (35psi) pressure relief valve
Non-Pressure Rated Lid:    Glass Reinforced Nylon

Lid Seal:                              Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)
Working Pressure:               2.4Bar (35psi)
Burst Pressure:                    above 8Bar
Test Pressure:                      5Bar

Instructions available HERE

Dimensions: 935H x 378W (height to top of plunge valve handle)

Please note:  

Keg King highly advises using homebrew-grade cleaning chemicals like phosphoric acid-based sanitisers and non-caustic cleaners. Follow the recommended dilution rates on the product labels or from reputable homebrew books such as How To Brew by John Palmer. 

Phosphoric acid sanitizers should have a pH range between 2.2 - 2.8. This is about a 1.5 - 2ml of sanitizer in 1L of water. Above the pH of 2.8, the sanitizer fails the 30-second test to prevent microbial growth. Below 2.2ph range, the sanitizer will affect the flavor of the beer. 

Heat does more damage to PET fermenters than chemicals. At  55 degrees Celsius, the PET will soften and deform permanently. It is best to allow hot cleaning solutions to cool down to at least 30 degrees C before use.

 Adhering to these recommendations will ensure the integrity of your fermenter tank for its useable life.