Fermenter King Junior 20 L

Varenr: 2021
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Fermenter King Junior is now the world's most affordable 20L pressure fermenter and keg.

Junior comes from the same tank mold as our King Kegs but utilizes the clear PET material of our 35L and 60L Fermenter King Unitanks.


Crystal Clear PET Tank

Pressure Lid fitted with Pressure Relief Valve rated to 2.4Bar

Stainless Steel Ball Lock Gas and Liquid Post

Silicone Dip Tube with Stainless Steel Float Ball

Fermenter King Junior is a great way to ferment Fresh Wort Kits. It's relatively small size makes fermenting up to 18L of wort simple.

Requiers a spunding valve attached to an MFL type gas disconnect (not supplied)  to control the internal pressure of your fermenter.

After fermentation, you can carbonate your beer in the Fermenter King Junior.

Attach Fermenter King Junior to your tap system or any hand held tap and serve directly out of the fermenter.

Alternatively,  transfer carbonated beverages easily from Fermenter King Junior into kegs, mini kegs and growlers.


259.4mm Wide at base

586.9mm Height to top of posts

Download Instructions Manual here

Please note: 

Keg King highly advises using homebrew-grade cleaning chemicals like phosphoric acid-based sanitisers and non-caustic cleaners. Follow the recommended dilution rates on the product labels or from reputable homebrew books such as How To Brew by John Palmer.

Phosphoric acid sanitisers should have the pH range between 2.2 - 2.8. This is about a 1.5 - 2ml of sanitiser in 1L of water. Above the pH of 2.8, the sanitiser fails the 30-second test to prevent microbial growth. Below 2.2ph range, the sanitiser will affect the flavour of beer.

Heat does more damage to PET fermenters than chemicals. At  55 degrees Celsius, the PET will soften and deform permanently. It is best to allow hot cleaning solutions to cool down to at least 30 degrees C before use.

 Adhering to these recommendations will ensure the integrity of your fermenter tank for its useable life.