Coobra CB5 PRO v3 Craft Brewer All-grain bryggemaskin 50liter

Coobra CB5 PRO v3 Craft Brewer

All-grain bryggemaskin 50liter

Varenr: 1872
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Coobra CB5 PRO, latest version 3 (same as version 5 on CB3), is a complete 50L recircularing (RIMS) brewery with 11-step mashing digital controller and 10 recipe memory. New powerful 220V-pump. Gardena-attachments on the cooling spiral, and a whirlpool function. You mash, sparge, boil and cool in the same brewery. With cooling wort spiral.

Coobra Craft Brewer 5 PRO v4
• Model No.: CB5 PRO
• Capacity: Outer pot (48L)
• Inner pot (31L)
• Outer pot 48L with brushed surface with 10/15/20/25/30 L water scale on
the body, inner filter pot 31L with 2mm diameter hole filter, inner filter pot
can be hanged on or put in the outer urn for brewing the mash
• 304 stainless steel top cover & heating base, 0.5mm thick outer urn &
0.4mm thick inner filter pot, 201 SS bottom plate cover
• Direct water temperature sensor shows the actural water temperature
±1°C and start from 30°C
• Whirlpool function
• PCB controls two heating elements: 1500W/1800W
• Movable digital display screen manually controls optional power.
• Air grids are made for ventilation of the heating area
• Build in 220V pump is for circulating the wort with on/off switch control.
• PCB supplys 220V to the pump
• Tempered glass lid
• Patent anti burning system
• Strong metal handles for safety carry
• Non-trip 304 stainless steel water tap with the strainer
• 304 stainless steel wort chiller with 12mm diameter
• Auto overtemp cutout and overheat proctection for safety and reliable use
• Replaceable element makes unit easy to clean.
• Visiable power cord length is not less than 1.3M
• The screen plate distributes the wort, reduces risk of mash channeling
andincreases brew efficiency.
• Voltage: 220V~240V / 50~60Hz
• Max power 3300W±5%